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Rome[edit | edit source]

The traditional date for the founding of Rome is 753 BC. It was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus, who were thrown into the wilderness when their grandfather, king of Alba Longa, was overthrown by their uncle. Romulus and Remus survived in the wilderness thanks to a she-wolf who found and nursed them. Though the twins would later restore their grandfather to his throne, they opted to found their own city. Because of a violent disagreement between the two regarding on which hill they were to place their city, Romulus slew Remus. Thus, the city was named Rome. The surrounding indigenous Latin cities would fight each other and Rome as was convenient until the threat of powerful neighbours caused the Latins and Rome to sign the Foedus Cassianum, thereby cementing an alliance of necessity which convened in times of war for mutual defence. Rome would eventually grow into the greatest city of Latium. When the allied cities noticed the preeminence of Rome it was too late, and Rome crushed a reactionary alliance against it. Thus Rome became the master of Latium and would begin to dominate all of Italy.

  • Faction Group: Latin
  • Capital: Rome, population 1
  • Number of Native Cities: 5
  • Attributes: XP earned in combat +40%, Vineyard output +20%