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Mods are changes or additions to Hegemony III created by its players. To install a mod, you'll need to move the mod's folder (it should contain a Resources/ folder and possibly a cover.str and/or a file) into My Documents/Longbow Digital Arts/Hegemony III/Mods. If that folder does not exist, create it. It should appear in the "Mods" menu if it is successfully installed. Successful installation of a mod automatically activates it; if you would like to deactivate a mod, either uninstall it by deleting its folder in the My Documents/Longbow Digital Arts/Hegemony III/Mods/ folder or click on it in the Mods menu.

Creating a mod is similar. You'll need to create a folder in My Documents/Longbow Digital Arts/Hegemony III/Mods/. In that folder, you can create a Resources folder for the game to draw from (if you do not, your mod will not do anything), a cover.str StringWrangler file to define the name and description of your mod as it shows up in the mods menu (if you do not, your folder name will be used as your mod name), and a file to show as your mod's button (if you do not, a default texture will be used).

Workshop integration[edit | edit source]

You can upload mods to the Steam Workshop. To upload a mod, press F2 and enter the workshopupload() script command. This command has four parameters: the name of the folder in My Documents/Longbow Digital Arts/Hegemony III/Mods you want to upload, the title of your mod, the description of your mod, and optionally, an image's filename to be used as your mod's icon on the Steam Workshop.

globals.xnt[edit | edit source]

Various miscellaneous game variables (not all of which do anything) are found in Resources/Data/globals.xnt. If any mod has a Data/globals.xnt, the game will use any values defined in it instead of the default ones. Values can be missing from the mod's globals.xnt, in which case the game will use the default value.

Entity Modding[edit | edit source]

Most game objects like units and factions are defined as XML text files called entities. See Entity Modding for more information.

Map Editing[edit | edit source]

Using the Map Editor you can create new historical or fantasy worlds to campaign on.

TUTORIAL Map Editor Introduction By Medie

Scenario Mods[edit | edit source]

A scenario file determines the starting conditions of a game including the map, factions and play boundaries. See Scenario Modding for more information.

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