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The map editor allows for the creation of custom maps which can be played on.

Using the Map Editor you can create new historical or fantasy worlds to campaign on.

Map Editor Introduction By Medie

  • Hotkeys; Press the number keys (1,2,3 etc.) to quick-switch between editing modes.

Heg3 Editor hotkeys!.png

Creating/opening/saving a map

  • Move the cursor to the menu icon.


  • Press New to generate a new blank map with only one tile.
  • Press Open to load a previously made map.
  • Press Save to save your current map.

Menu Newmap.png

Terrain Editing

  • Select Splat mode to choose which texture you want to paint the terrain with.

Select Splash mode.png

  • Select Draw mode to paint the terrain.

Select Draw Mode.png

Let's make a mountain. :D

  • Select terrain mode.

Select Terrain Mode.png

  • Select Raise Terrain

Select raise terrain.png

  • Select the brush size you want to use.

Select brush size.png

  • Select the brush height you want to use. This is similar to Farcry 3's Hardness option in the map editor

Select height.png

  • Sculpt the mountain the way you want.

Mountain Done.png

  • Now paint the mountain. I used the Alps, mountain snow texture to paint the top of the mountain and the Grey Rock texture to paint the lower mountain half.

Mountain Painted.png

Have fun creating your own mountains!

Objects/Prop Mode

Select Prop Mode to see the list of game objects. Also select Draw mode to be able to place the objects.

Select prop mode and draw.png

Select Full Fort, Large under Camps>Forts>Full Fort, Large Then place it where you want. I'll place it on a blank map.

Select full fort large.png

You should now be able to select the whole fort. Now i will show you how to pick each individual object in the fort up seperately.

Click the Select Mode icon and select the fort

Go to select tool.png

click open

Press open.png

You should now be able to select everything in the fort separately

Press the Move Mode to be able to move objects around in the X, Z and Y axis

X Y Z axis.png

Now you should be able to make your own forts and camps!

Here's what i made.

My fort.png

Definitely not finished but it's on it's way to becoming something other then the square camps we get in the Italy map.

I say, try out new things, see what you can come up with! Goodluck!

If you have any questions just ask me on Steam!