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The Greek factions sit in the the far south of Italy in an area called Magna Graeca, or Greater Greece. Being the origin of the hoplite unit, hoplite brigades are available very early on. Greek hoplites lack the charge strength of their Sabellic counterparts, but in exchange they have the best defenses in the game and are ideal for battlelines and sieges. Their late game units are the Hypaspists, which combine the offensive potency of northern swordsmen with the defensive strength and large brigade sizes of native hoplites; and Phalangites, which are virtually unstoppable in melee combat. They can support their battlelines with flexible and powerful peltasts and mounted javelineers, as well as the unique Greek catapult. The Greeks do not require advanced research in order to access most of their unit tree, making their early power potential the highest of any faction group. The downside of this is that they cannot use the best units of other faction groups in conquered cities.

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