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Every faction is part of a faction group, which is a category based on that faction's cultural ties with similar factions. Faction groups determine what sort of units, general names, and city portraits are available to the factions within the group.

Faction groups[edit | edit source]

Etruscan[edit | edit source]

The Etruscans are located mostly in Etruria, except the North Etruscans, who inhabit the Po Valley.

Gallic[edit | edit source]

The Gallic factions, or the Gauls, are located in the Po Valley. The region they inhabit is also known as Cisalpine Gaul.

Greek[edit | edit source]

The Greek factions sit in the the far south of Italy in an area called Magna Graeca, or Greater Greece.

Illyric[edit | edit source]

The Illyric factions are located in the extreme north and south of the Adriatic Coast.

Latin[edit | edit source]

Latin consists only of one faction, giving it a distinct set of units.

Raider[edit | edit source]

Raiders are disorganized groups of hostiles that initially control forts near the player's territory. Early quests often pit the player against them. Throughout the game, raiders will spawn and launch raids on the player.

Sabellic[edit | edit source]

The Sabellic factions, sometimes called the Osco-Umbrians, span most of the territory in central Italy, including most of the Appenine Mountains.